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    Skylum Software Formally known as Macphun have a range of photo editing packages running on MacOS and Windows, which can be integrated into your Adobe Photoshop workflow.

    Luminar 2018 A professional editing package with Smart Presets for quick editing and Intelligent Filters to produce impressive final images. It can process many different file formats including RAW, Tiff and Jpeg. Both MacOS and Windows compatible. Discount Code: DJPHOTO2019. Screenshot below :

    Aurora HDR 2019 A new state of the art package producing high quality HDR images with the revolutionary new tone mapping Quantum HDR Engine. Both MacOS and Windows compatible. Screenshot below :

    Other Skylum packages that are MacOS compatible only and can integrate within Photoshop workflow. Discount Code: DJPHOTO2019.

    Intensify CK Boosts details and colours. Makes your photos stand out.

    Tonality CK Converts images to B+W and many creative effects.

    Noiseless CK Revolutionary noise reduction software.

    Snapheal CK Easy way to remove unwanted people and objects.

    Focus CK Focus on the important object and blurr the rest.



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    DXO is a French company dedicated to photography. They have a range of photo editing software packages. DXO PhotoLab is a stand alone digital image processing software that can handle RAW, Tiff, Jpeg and many other formats. It has algorithms built-in for camera and lens types, so giving perfect image processing, directly from the camera.

    DXO Nik Collection Provides 55 different filters to enhance your final image. It can be integrated within Adobe Photoshop and be part of your workflow. Screenshot below :

    DXO Viewpoint Designed to correct lens distortion, particularly when shooting with wide angle lenses. It can also be integrated within Adobe Photoshop workflow.

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    Photolemur The first fully automated photo enhancer that makes your images great automatically, using Artificial Intelligence. Screenshot below :


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  • New Luminar A1 Sky Enhancer

    Checkout the new Skylum Luminar A1 Sky Enhancer. It gives perfect skys every time, using Artificial Intelligence.

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  • KelbyOne

    Checkout KelbyOne Photography Courses. A wide range of courses on Photoshop, Lightroom, Landscape Photography, Portrait Photography, Lighting/Flash, Drone Photography/Videography, Business & Marketing, Sports Photography, Camera Gear, Travel Photography, Family Photography and Wedding Photography.

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  • e-Bay

    Check out e-Bay selling both new and pre-owned Cameras, Lenses, Flash Guns, Camera Bags, Tripods, Photo Accessories, Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones and Electronic Equipment.